Tales of the Catwalk

Tales of the Catwalk

All of the best fashion shows have a story behind them, but few soar to the heights of the 90th anniversary Fendi show in 2016 or the Chanel casino staging. With this in mind, we’re calling attention to a few of the most memorable catwalk shows we have seen in recent years.

Prada Mens Spring/Summer 2018

When looking at stories in fashion shows, the Prada Spring/Summer show of 2018 seems like the perfect place to start. Dubbed ‘A story within a story’, the outfits and backdrops incorporated comic book images, while the audience were seated in their own comic strip windows. Just as fashion often tells an abstract story, the comics were not a chronological narrative, but rather a visually impressive non-linear background.

Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week 2012

Designer Marc Jacobs is never one to leave things half-finished, and his show for Louis Vuitton at PFW in 2012 was no exception. He had his team construct a beautiful steam train from scratch; a fitting backdrop for his fin-de-siècle inspired collection. Alternately playing into the mystery of detective fiction and the familiar hustle of a backstreet London commuter station at 5:30 pm, it was the perfect way to introduce their suitcase-style Valise bag. A truly captivating take on an all too familiar story.

The Chanel Casino at Paris Fashion Week 2015

The Chanel Casino show at 2015’s PFW more than earned its mention here. As well as providing quite the show, with scenes which would have looked at home in a James Bond movie, it displayed the clothes beautifully. But the story here is twofold, as designer Karl Lagerfeld explained that the games happening on stage represented the gamble he takes every time he designs a new line.

Fendi 90th Anniversary 2016

You may remember that, in 2016, the Fendi label turned 90 years old — and they knew exactly how to celebrate. The brand had donated €2.6million to the restoration of the Trevi Fountain 4 years previously, in a gesture intended to give back to Rome, the birthplace of Fendi. Not only were the styles celebrations of a wealth of different fairytales, with variations on characters from Hans Christian Anderson and the brothers Grimm making appearances, but the models walked on the water of the famous landmark. A truly otherworldly spectacle, this show will no doubt become its own story in Fashion history — and we can’t wait to see what they do for their centenary!

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