Technology Development. What next?

Technology Development. What next?

With new technological inventions being unveiled every day, it is only natural to wonder what our future will look like with all these advancements. Within the last couple of decades, our lives have changed so much thanks to the progress made in the technology sector. We can now play music around the house just by instructing an AI, or turn appliances on or off at the touch of a button. With many technological revolutions in their final stages of development, what can we expect and what will the future bring to our planet and lives? Here, from the MIT Technology Review, are our top 5 picks for the major technological breakthroughs of 2019.

Robot Dexterity

Robots have been around for a while now. But only now are they learning to navigate the physical world with ease and efficiency. While a robot is yet to be programmed to identify and grab an object just by looking at it, robots are slowly but surely getting better at manipulating objects with virtual trial and error.

Nuclear Power Advancements

We are now closer than ever to advanced fission and fusion reactors becoming a reality. New ideas and strategies concerning this powerful energy source have been gaining momentum over the last couple of years and now promise to make implementation safer and cheaper.

Custom Cancer Vaccines

How to cure cancer? This is a question that has been bugging the medical community for decades. Finally, we have medication that can invigorate the body’s natural defence systems to target the cancer cells by identifying unique mutations. Scientists are now very close to commercialising the first ever custom cancer vaccine.

CO2 Catcher

Here’s one for the planet. Affordable and practical ways to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere are now becoming a reality. With mankind no closer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this discovery comes as relief under the threat of global warming. The device aims to use ‘direct air capture’ to suck the greenhouse gas right from the air around us.

Sanitation Without Sewers

Statistics show that over 2.3 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation methods. We now have prototypes of energy-efficient toilets that utilise less space and water and can treat waste on the spot. The only challenge that remains is to make this toilet more affordable and adaptable for communities the world over.

Do you agree with our top picks for the technologies that are going to shape our future? Do you have ideas on what could be the next ‘World Wide Web’? Let us know in the comments below! For more information and details, you can visit the link below:
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